About Me

Nice to meet you

Life seems journey to me. I never judge it. Though It was very tough for me most of the times , full of ups and downs most of the times but I never complained. I worked very hard to achieve whatever I have and I am happy with my life that I have achieved whatever I toil for and for me skills are more important than anything .I do what I have to do keeping my thoughts positive and work hard to make it possible.
I keep myself open for life and believe in learning new things and many times I do mistakes but try to learn from them. I have immense passion for living every second of my life . Whether by singing , playing guitar , poetry or by reading , making food in cafe , trying my hand on new cake or recipe or by repairing a bike , going for a ride, going somewhere new , arranging tours or adventure sports or guiding and motivating people to do so. So that I can live life with no regrets. Will keep exploring new domains of life till my last breath.
I hope I will live life with enthusiam and positivity and who knows may be next time when you meet me I will be doing something new. ?Eagerly waiting for meeting new people and learn from them . See you soon !!!?

( Jordan) Naveen Khokhar